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11 bit studios

Kotwica 1


Frostpunk Release Cinematic

Client: 11 bit studios

Marketing Director: Patryk Grzeszczuk

Marketing Manager: Karol Zajączkowski



Marcin Panasiuk

CG Supervisor

Tomasz Sawiński


Trailer announces a survival strategy game developed by 11 bit studios.  

Working on video game cinematic involves creating a visual story in an already established world. In the course of our collaboration with 11 bit studios, we approached dozens of ideas before settling on animated illustration short movie with strong emotional narration that referenced the original game mood. Story presents the moment of the exodus of humanity after a cataclysm. It is told from the perspective of an unspecified member of the expedition, who is guiding the group of survivors. He describes in a concise manner the course of events and internal experiences, except for one deliberate exception, using the form of a third person. 

Finally, the time has come, to build the last city on Earth. 

The City must survive.



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